Enrichment Classes

Max’s Art Adventures

Max's Art Adventures has been part of the Renaissance Village community for over 10 years. Maxine Stadnik holds a degree in Art Education and specializes in working with young children.

The primary objectives are that students love doing art and have fun experimenting with various art forms and materials. The program is process, rather than product oriented and the lessons are created for open-ended exploration. Motivation for art activities comes through picture books, projected images of works by notable artists and discussion. Students express their ideas through drawing, painting, printing, gluing and sculpting. There is a multi-sensory approach to becoming aware of the world around us. Each lesson includes one or more of the Elements of Art: line, shape, color, form and texture. These are part of the language we use to discuss art. With small class sizes, we can address each student and comment on his/her work.

A weekly blog is available for parents with a description of the art activity. This is provided to encourage further discussion about what is covered in class. Artwork is sent home monthly for all to enjoy!

Music Play

Music Play is a child centered learning environment in which Kathryn Tomlin invites students to make choices individually and as a group; explore space; tell stories; practice executive functioning skills; and, ultimately, to learn to communicate through movement and music making.

Classes are based on Gordon Music Learning Theory, which ensures that students of all aptitude and ability levels are both challenged and able to achieve in each class. The class structure is whole-part-whole. In WHOLE, the teacher exposes the children to a wide variety of songs and chants which incorporate specific patterns that will then be isolated in PART. In PART the teacher exposes children to solo and group patterns in order to challenge individual’s audiation (musical thought) and performance skills. In the final WHOLE, children are encouraged to improvise using the patterns introduced in PART. Class materials include bodies (our primary instrument!), puppets, movement props, and percussion instruments.

Creative Dance Class

Deborah Bailay offers a dynamic, creative dance experience through imaginative storytelling and movement exploration. Each class consists of: warm-ups and stretches; movement improvisation for release and exploration; directed dance movement to build technique and awareness; and a creative component to ignite the imagination, spark new energy, and have fun! Throughout the year, seasonal themes are explored through stories that connect with nature, holidays, family values, and the child's sense of well-being. We celebrate our aliveness through dance, song, connection with ourselves, and connections with each other. We connect with all the love in our hearts. We dance to the beat of our own drum. We are ready to dance into life and the world we inhabit!