Crucial Connections: A Feldenkrais-Montessori Project

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Informed Movement and Home Environment guidance for Parents and Their Infants ages 3-12 months

"The absorbent mind has a great ability to learn and assimilate effortlessly ad unconsciously from the world around him."
- Maria Montessori

Schedule - Eight Saturdays 2:30-4:00

Session 1: Introduction to Feldenkrais

How to reclaim our bodies and find balance: a 30 min session of awareness through movement followed by a discussion of the connection between Feldenkrais method and Montessori education.

  • Introduction to key Montessori concepts.

***The first session will be for moms only. Babies should attend all following sessions.*** 

Session 2:  Preferences in movement: Right and Left / Observation

Finding our preferences: sidebending as the first pattern to emerge. Laying the groundwork for effective movement. On Learning and Individuality.

  • How and why to observe the baby. 

Session 3: How to hold your Baby

The dance of two nervous systems.  How our handling affects the baby - looking at options in holding your baby.

  • How to prepare the home environment. 

Session 4: Discussion of belly and back time

This session is about reaching, curiosity and beginning of rolling. Coordinating flexors and extensors.  For moms it is about rolling and experiencing yourself fully.

  • Montessori Home Design part 1

Session 5: Ground Forces

How our relationship to the ground forms our sense of self (rolling, creeping). Waking up awareness of our place in space.  Importance of movement and exercise. Importance of taking care of yourself and connecting to the core.

  • Montessori Home design part 2

Session 6: Twisting, breath and vision

Sitting up for the baby. Breathing for moms.

  • Role of the Caregiver

Session 7: Where is up?

Transitioning from floor to standing. Beginnings of coming upright...variations.

  • Montessori Home design part 3

Session 8:  Central Pattern Generators

Which side is up? Which way to go? Should I go or not go?  

  • Freedom within limits. How to help the child self-regulate. What stage of development is next?